Training and formation

Tantra Masseurs

  • Enjoy Bali and at the same time discover a new way of living. Learn how to do a Tantra Massage at proffesional level allowing you to start to do your own bussines or work with us in any of our locations Madrid, Barcelona and Dublin.- A normal inmerssion course incluiding theory and practicum last for 10 days. In which you just learn the whole process of our first Tantra Session and how to put in practice all the tools of TAntra in a session.- If you come from outside of Bali we can arrange Room and Board according your needs.- Take in to consideration that if you want to learn more than the introduction sessions you will need more time.

Tantra Therapist

  • If you  are already a Tantra Masseur and you want to get deeper in to your own practice, we will show you all that ancient knowledge that only was passed mouth to mouth…in order that you can not only release blockages, or help people with sexual problems but aslo have the tools to start to become a Tantrika and make out of this a complete stile of life..

Tantra Kriya Yoga Monitor-

  • The father of the modern Yoga practices and developed  by the dravidians in ancient times just when Tantra started to take over religious systems.- This practice is not as any other kind of Yoga and is not Tantra Yoga; Yoga Tantra; or Tantra Kriya Yoga (of Babbaji); it is a complete different experience and knowledge for those ones that they already practice Yoga.- Rituals; Kriyas; Pranayamas; Dinamica Asanas by Partners and in the Collective; Sexual Energy; Swara Yoga; Sutil Energy Experiences;Tantra Techniques; all in a whole session.- We teach you the basis of this practice; how to designed a normal session; the levels of knowledge with inside practive; the evolution of the kriyas and asanas.- You required as minimum 25 days; knowledge or have being practice Yoga at lesast for one year; or being a 200 hrs, YA; and had being experience Tantra or had done Tantra Courses…


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