Tantra Sessions-

  • Bindu Bali develop a series of 11 Sessions in order that you can experience, learn & discover the Sacred Being that you are.- In more than 2 hours; breathing techniques; active meditation; sacred tantric touch; rituals; and Kundalini Massage (Lingam & Sacred Zone or Yoni Massage) will be awakening your Sacred Energy reconecting your body, soul and Kunda…- Relax-awareness and State of Bliss can take you to the most hidden and slept areas of yourself; and this can be riched by Tantra.- A Tantra Session can unblock and release you at psico-emotional and psico-sexual levels throught out your own Energetical Body System.

Therapies and Active Sexuality-

Bindu Bali is part of EATP (European association of  Tantra Proffesional) meaning that we have the experience to apply Tantra as Holistic approach for different kinds of somatics situations as psico-emotional blockages; or some sexual disfunctions as premature eyaculation; control of sexual energy; erectile disfunction; anaorgasmia; displeasureness; POIS or other type somas.



We offer private mini-workshops that are designed accoording what you want to learn; experience, explore or practice.  You deside how far you want to go and learn- Bindu had the experience over 8 years of doing and sharing Tantra in Spain, Mexico, UK & Ireland; therefore if you want to discover or you have already experience practicing Tantra come and re-discover.- If you want to share the expirience with a group of friends or you want to grow with a group & meet friends you can check our calendar of activities…. – If you are a couple and want to discover the power of Tantra and how you can develop it in your relationship, we have enough experience to transform your sexual and intimate life…

Retreats and Sacred Journeys

BIndu Bali offers open retreats every three months. In which during 6 days you can have a whole complete inmmmersion and life experience on Tantra. From Massages giving and receiving; pranayamas; meditation; Tantra Kriya Yoga; Re-birthing Sessions; learn to handle your own Sacred Sexual energy  and in others. Just check out our calendar of events.- We are open for desiging a private whole experience for couples and private groups.


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