Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga

  • Imagine yourself moving your mental, phisical and sexual energy in a practice in which pranayamas; kriyas; and tantra asanas gives you plenty of awaken energy but at the same time total relaxation.- This practice applies Tantra Techniques and is performed in a ritualistic way either with a partner or colective.- Discover another way to exercise your sexual life.

Nude Tantra Kriya Yoga

  • Experiment the freedom that Nude Tantra Kriya Yoga can bring to your body and being.- An ancient practice that onli Dakhas and Dakinis used to perform before a Massive Puja…. – Learn the power of the Kali Bola (Femenine Inner Power) and the Vajrayana (The Masculinity at the purest)


Tantra Class-

  • A millenarium knowledge put in your hand in a very diferent approach. With more than 8 years  in Tantra Parcticum we will led you in order that not only you can discover the sacred divinity on you but in others.- Start to feel the fredom of the relax-awareness that Pranayamas; Meditation; Tantra Yoga; Ritualitica and Sacred Sexuality, can give to YOU and the others that sorround you…- Make of Tantra a permanent Sacred Journey in your life…

Private Retreats or Groups

  • If you come with your friends or a Group you can arrange a whole one day, 6 hours or weekend retreat regarding Tantra Kriya Yoga or Tantra
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