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Bindu Bali
– We are a group of professionals dedicated to bring Tantra in a complete different way to your life.

– 8 years of Tantra Knowledge and 4 years of dedicating 100 % to share and practice it in Spain, United Kingdom and Ireland.

– We have 2 centers in Madrid, one in Barcelona and one franchise center in Dublin.



– Bindu BAli is open to any sexual orientation stile of life. For several years we leed plenty of activities regarding men sexuality…

Anand Rudra

Tantra practioner and Facilitator of Tantra for over 8 years in different parts of the world. Director of two main Tantra and Yoga Centers in Spain and advisor to one center in Ireland.

He has a back ground as an international relations specialist and lawyer; university proffesor in International Relations; United States public policy and European Union Law and economics. Political and NGO´s advisor for indigenous communities in Mexico.

With a very deepened experience on Tantra Sessions, Therapies, Workshops, Retreats and teaching.  Train over 60 Masseurs, Therapists and Tantrikas.

Therapist and healler, in psicoemotional unbalances and sexual somas in man and woman sexuality. Anand has developed and investigated over Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga becoming one of the first  profesor and practioner on this kind of Yoga…

Rene Snellen

With over 20 years of experience in people oriented bussines in Holland, Australia, South Asia, United States and Europe. Brings all his knowledge to put together this initiative world wide and bring groups of people to have a sacred experience and journey in Tantra.

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