…..Tantra for US….

Tantra- An ancient practice that has over 5 thousands years old has a practicum and philosopical approach to the basic questions that human being had questionized since the beggining of the times.

-Tantra means to expand and to liberate and weaving. When you experience and learn Tantra, you discover that those words mean a lot….Something that can not be describe that  is contained in those concepts.

– We respect all the schools and methodologies that has enrich Tantra for milleniums, but the one that we practice regards to the Sacredness of the human being in which everybody of us a Sadhka(practioner) is in esscense a Dakha or Dhakini (heallers) . Going far beyond the sexual experience we want that you can experiment and learn the result of a Tantra session: an state of relax-awareness close to the state of bliss; reconect with you body and your inner being; un-block and liberate yourself at psico-emotional levels; control ypur sexual energy; or just helping you in any of sexual disfunctions where Tantra can be a remedy tool.

– In Bindu Bali, we apply the 5 basic tools that Tantra has from the beggining of the times:

* Pranayamas… Breathing techniques that belong to Swara Yoga.

* Yoga…Before Sutras and Vedas, before Pantajali. There was a Yoga developed by Dravidians according Tantra practices, that is the way we do it…

* Meditation… We believe not only as a tool for the state of mind and tranquility but a way to move energy

* Ritualism…. The secret knowledge in how to move sacred energy  in precisely steps of how to do the things and in which intention give to them, makes out of the Tantra a incredible practice.

* Sacred Sexuality… Sexual enery is one of the most powerfull energies that the human body has. It has given us life and is the one that can create a sinergy that can allow us to contact with ourselfs; liberate of blockages; re-conect with your partner to become one; or to go far beyond.Sacred Sexuality practice is divided in two: Sacred Union, that is done by you in the intimacy with your partner; and Sacred Consious Touch that is the one that we perform and we do it like the ancient Kahula School Methodology.

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