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The combination of Tantra, Yoga and Bali makes a whole  complete experience of life when you come to BINDU BALI…
– Discover the Roots of Modern Tantra – Experience the Balinese Tantra Medicine- Live Ritualistica – Let your body and Sexual energy talk for your being when you discover the whole potential that your inner Dhaka or Dhakini has in YOU.- Sacred Sexual Touch and the healling experience- Swara Yoga and their benefits in order to discover the inner you- Forget about the world, your problems and go deep in to a Self Journey to Re-Invent YOUR LIFE

Bindu Bali have arranged a unique experience  in which you can discover a new you, heal your self with the interaction with others; make of it a turning point in your whole life….

Consult our Agenda or Partner Travel Agencies in your own Country….

Or if you want to do  it in a more private experience send us an email…



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