…..About Us

Bindu Bali
– We are a group of professionals dedicated to bring Tantra in a complete different way to your life.

– 8 years of Tantra Knowledge and 4 years of dedicating 100 % to share and practice it in Spain, United Kingdom and Ireland.

– We have 2 centers in Madrid, one in Barcelona and one franchise center in Dublin.



– Bindu BAli is open to any sexual orientation stile of life. For several years we leed plenty of activities regarding men sexuality…

Anand Rudra

Tantra practioner and Facilitator of Tantra for over 8 years in different parts of the world. Director of two main Tantra and Yoga Centers in Spain and advisor to one center in Ireland.

He has a back ground as an international relations specialist and lawyer; university proffesor in International Relations; United States public policy and European Union Law and economics. Political and NGO´s advisor for indigenous communities in Mexico.

With a very deepened experience on Tantra Sessions, Therapies, Workshops, Retreats and teaching.  Train over 60 Masseurs, Therapists and Tantrikas.

Therapist and healler, in psicoemotional unbalances and sexual somas in man and woman sexuality. Anand has developed and investigated over Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga becoming one of the first  profesor and practioner on this kind of Yoga…

Rene Snellen

With over 20 years of experience in people oriented bussines in Holland, Australia, South Asia, United States and Europe. Brings all his knowledge to put together this initiative world wide and bring groups of people to have a sacred experience and journey in Tantra.

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…..Tantra for US….

Tantra- An ancient practice that has over 5 thousands years old has a practicum and philosopical approach to the basic questions that human being had questionized since the beggining of the times.

-Tantra means to expand and to liberate and weaving. When you experience and learn Tantra, you discover that those words mean a lot….Something that can not be describe that  is contained in those concepts.

– We respect all the schools and methodologies that has enrich Tantra for milleniums, but the one that we practice regards to the Sacredness of the human being in which everybody of us a Sadhka(practioner) is in esscense a Dakha or Dhakini (heallers) . Going far beyond the sexual experience we want that you can experiment and learn the result of a Tantra session: an state of relax-awareness close to the state of bliss; reconect with you body and your inner being; un-block and liberate yourself at psico-emotional levels; control ypur sexual energy; or just helping you in any of sexual disfunctions where Tantra can be a remedy tool.

– In Bindu Bali, we apply the 5 basic tools that Tantra has from the beggining of the times:

* Pranayamas… Breathing techniques that belong to Swara Yoga.

* Yoga…Before Sutras and Vedas, before Pantajali. There was a Yoga developed by Dravidians according Tantra practices, that is the way we do it…

* Meditation… We believe not only as a tool for the state of mind and tranquility but a way to move energy

* Ritualism…. The secret knowledge in how to move sacred energy  in precisely steps of how to do the things and in which intention give to them, makes out of the Tantra a incredible practice.

* Sacred Sexuality… Sexual enery is one of the most powerfull energies that the human body has. It has given us life and is the one that can create a sinergy that can allow us to contact with ourselfs; liberate of blockages; re-conect with your partner to become one; or to go far beyond.Sacred Sexuality practice is divided in two: Sacred Union, that is done by you in the intimacy with your partner; and Sacred Consious Touch that is the one that we perform and we do it like the ancient Kahula School Methodology.

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…..Sacred Journeys and Groups

The combination of Tantra, Yoga and Bali makes a whole  complete experience of life when you come to BINDU BALI…
– Discover the Roots of Modern Tantra – Experience the Balinese Tantra Medicine- Live Ritualistica – Let your body and Sexual energy talk for your being when you discover the whole potential that your inner Dhaka or Dhakini has in YOU.- Sacred Sexual Touch and the healling experience- Swara Yoga and their benefits in order to discover the inner you- Forget about the world, your problems and go deep in to a Self Journey to Re-Invent YOUR LIFE

Bindu Bali have arranged a unique experience  in which you can discover a new you, heal your self with the interaction with others; make of it a turning point in your whole life….

Consult our Agenda or Partner Travel Agencies in your own Country….

Or if you want to do  it in a more private experience send us an email…



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….Training and formation

Tantra Masseurs

  • Enjoy Bali and at the same time discover a new way of living. Learn how to do a Tantra Massage at proffesional level allowing you to start to do your own bussines or work with us in any of our locations Madrid, Barcelona and Dublin.- A normal inmerssion course incluiding theory and practicum last for 10 days. In which you just learn the whole process of our first Tantra Session and how to put in practice all the tools of TAntra in a session.- If you come from outside of Bali we can arrange Room and Board according your needs.- Take in to consideration that if you want to learn more than the introduction sessions you will need more time.

Tantra Therapist

  • If you  are already a Tantra Masseur and you want to get deeper in to your own practice, we will show you all that ancient knowledge that only was passed mouth to mouth…in order that you can not only release blockages, or help people with sexual problems but aslo have the tools to start to become a Tantrika and make out of this a complete stile of life..

Tantra Kriya Yoga Monitor-

  • The father of the modern Yoga practices and developed  by the dravidians in ancient times just when Tantra started to take over religious systems.- This practice is not as any other kind of Yoga and is not Tantra Yoga; Yoga Tantra; or Tantra Kriya Yoga (of Babbaji); it is a complete different experience and knowledge for those ones that they already practice Yoga.- Rituals; Kriyas; Pranayamas; Dinamica Asanas by Partners and in the Collective; Sexual Energy; Swara Yoga; Sutil Energy Experiences;Tantra Techniques; all in a whole session.- We teach you the basis of this practice; how to designed a normal session; the levels of knowledge with inside practive; the evolution of the kriyas and asanas.- You required as minimum 25 days; knowledge or have being practice Yoga at lesast for one year; or being a 200 hrs, YA; and had being experience Tantra or had done Tantra Courses…

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Tantra Sessions-

  • Bindu Bali develop a series of 11 Sessions in order that you can experience, learn & discover the Sacred Being that you are.- In more than 2 hours; breathing techniques; active meditation; sacred tantric touch; rituals; and Kundalini Massage (Lingam & Sacred Zone or Yoni Massage) will be awakening your Sacred Energy reconecting your body, soul and Kunda…- Relax-awareness and State of Bliss can take you to the most hidden and slept areas of yourself; and this can be riched by Tantra.- A Tantra Session can unblock and release you at psico-emotional and psico-sexual levels throught out your own Energetical Body System.

Therapies and Active Sexuality-

Bindu Bali is part of EATP (European association of  Tantra Proffesional) meaning that we have the experience to apply Tantra as Holistic approach for different kinds of somatics situations as psico-emotional blockages; or some sexual disfunctions as premature eyaculation; control of sexual energy; erectile disfunction; anaorgasmia; displeasureness; POIS or other type somas.



We offer private mini-workshops that are designed accoording what you want to learn; experience, explore or practice.  You deside how far you want to go and learn- Bindu had the experience over 8 years of doing and sharing Tantra in Spain, Mexico, UK & Ireland; therefore if you want to discover or you have already experience practicing Tantra come and re-discover.- If you want to share the expirience with a group of friends or you want to grow with a group & meet friends you can check our calendar of activities…. – If you are a couple and want to discover the power of Tantra and how you can develop it in your relationship, we have enough experience to transform your sexual and intimate life…

Retreats and Sacred Journeys

BIndu Bali offers open retreats every three months. In which during 6 days you can have a whole complete inmmmersion and life experience on Tantra. From Massages giving and receiving; pranayamas; meditation; Tantra Kriya Yoga; Re-birthing Sessions; learn to handle your own Sacred Sexual energy  and in others. Just check out our calendar of events.- We are open for desiging a private whole experience for couples and private groups.

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Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga

  • Imagine yourself moving your mental, phisical and sexual energy in a practice in which pranayamas; kriyas; and tantra asanas gives you plenty of awaken energy but at the same time total relaxation.- This practice applies Tantra Techniques and is performed in a ritualistic way either with a partner or colective.- Discover another way to exercise your sexual life.

Nude Tantra Kriya Yoga

  • Experiment the freedom that Nude Tantra Kriya Yoga can bring to your body and being.- An ancient practice that onli Dakhas and Dakinis used to perform before a Massive Puja…. – Learn the power of the Kali Bola (Femenine Inner Power) and the Vajrayana (The Masculinity at the purest)


Tantra Class-

  • A millenarium knowledge put in your hand in a very diferent approach. With more than 8 years  in Tantra Parcticum we will led you in order that not only you can discover the sacred divinity on you but in others.- Start to feel the fredom of the relax-awareness that Pranayamas; Meditation; Tantra Yoga; Ritualitica and Sacred Sexuality, can give to YOU and the others that sorround you…- Make of Tantra a permanent Sacred Journey in your life…

Private Retreats or Groups

  • If you come with your friends or a Group you can arrange a whole one day, 6 hours or weekend retreat regarding Tantra Kriya Yoga or Tantra
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